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Graphic by Diane Knaus

President Obama is smart enough to work around congress for the betterment of the entire nation. His healthcare is working, saving seniors millions of dollars a year and providing health services for more people while hospitals costs and lives are saved from ruin. 7-11-2014 BOEHNER: “He’s been president for five and a half years. WHEN IS HE GOING TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR SOMETHING? Just last week Boehner said that the president was doing too much work trying to work around what the Republicans were procrastinating about.

According to the president on immigration 6-30-2014 “Now don’t get me wrong, there have been some Senate and House leaders who have helped as much as they can to get some serious things taken care of. But this immigration needs lots of help, not just a few people, but many people. In the last year there has been much obstruction specifically from Congress and that is why I have done things my way because Congress won’t act, they won’t do their jobs. I have said many times bring me your ideas, and we’ll work it out. But, Congress chooses to do nothing. I can’t stand by and do nothing while so many are in need. I have to find a way to get something done”.

A new Gallup poll released Thursday showed that public faith in Congress had reached historic lows in advance of the 2014 midterm election. The poll also continued :There are probably more historic lows, but we got depressed after counting to 12.

In my opinion Congress has already reached the bottom of the barrel by continuing to oppose the president on whatever plans he tries to make by their continued obstructionism.

Furthermore I will say publicly that I believe that this congress has been abysmal in their passage of real legislation to help this country and it’s people (the point really is their being a racial bullier of the president). They don’t like him so they will do nothing to help him, or the country, and be happy they have stumped him because he is black. Remember folks their job is to move the country forward, not backward, and so it is with him as well.They also hate him because he has had the smartness to figure out ways around them to get the job done despite their attempts to block good legislation.

I personally wish that there was a way to get the do nothing members of congress out of there and put them in jail for their obstructionism of justice, because they have been racially biased in their actions. Every law that they have passed has I believe been racially and class motivated to Palm Beach lets forget  the little guy and make the rich richer, and women who are voters third class citizens while denying health care to our most vulnerable citizens.

Can I have an AMEN! Boy talk about John Boehner suing the president, he must be out of his mind for real, really lost it this week.

Here are the facts:

President Obama has only enacted 182 executive orders, the lowest rate of any president in 130 years.

According to the Washingtonpost, Boehner and the House Republicans didn’t sue Ronald Reagan (381 executive orders) or George W. Bush (291).

President Obama wouldn’t have to use executive orders to create jobs, promote equal pay, raise the minimum wage for millions, or tackle climate change if Boehner’s Republican House was doing their job. According to the Washington Post,7-12-2014 this will be the least productive Congress in American history.

Boehner’s frivilous lawsuit could cost millions of our tax dollars.


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