Your Twisting Mammograms

According to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force they say that women age 40 to 49 don’t need to have routine mammograms anymore and that breast self-exams aren’t recommended in general. Tell that to women who have had the mammograms save their lives and the lives of other women in their families. Yes, we all need to know our bodies and we do to a certain extent. And, yes we watch what goes on in our families as well. We do know our risks in most scenarios to start with thank you very much doctor.

To not have to take those awful twisting flattening your breast exams will be a relief to many women. Trust me they hurt, and many practitioners twist the knob down harder to make sure your breast and nipple are in there tight. Been there done that one hope to never have do it again.

What we really need to remember is that many self exams have saved lives as have the mammograms. But the problems don’t just begin or lie there. We still don’t know what causes breast cancer and we still don’t have sure fire answers to curing it either. Women neeed to be vigilent about their health because there are too many things that can be overlooked, however, we musn’t become obsessed either. Families know their own health histories, we know about things like cigarettes that do cause cancer so we stay away from smoking. We do need some happiness in our lives and we are responsible for getting that as well. Don’t lose sight of the sunshine on a sunny day, or the blooming flowers in your gardens, or the growth of your children and grandchildren they all matter too just like we do. We all need sunshine and love to bloom as well as self care. And if we want to get a Mammogram we shoud be able to do that as well.

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Kwame Kilpatrick Ex Mayor of Detroit at it Again

Because Ex Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick of Detroit made some kind of personal contact with Sheryl Robinson Wood, a court approved monitor to Kilpatrick she resigned Thursday, the Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News reported. Citing unproved conversations between the two about the ongoing case, she has resigned and the judge has accepted her resignation.

According to a report in, U.S. District Judge Julian Cook said Wood had “meetings of a personal nature” with Kilpatrick. He continued “Wood had engaged in conduct which was totally inconsistent with the terms and conditions of the two consent judgments in this litigation.”

So the notorious Kwame Kilpatrick is trying to influence police and officers of the court in his favor once again. It is beyond me that he thinks he can still get away with whatever he wants and not be further punished for his deeds.

The police department is now under federal investigation, and all monitoring is suspended until further notice. According to other reports, the city has not met more than 39% of the required consent decrees and has made “grossly inadequate” progress in correcting abuses against the police department as it now faces more scrutiny by the federal investigators.

Kwame Kilpatrick is a rat, he stinks up everything he touches. It is a good thing he is out of office. Now the city can begin to clean up its police department and let the city get their house in order while Kwame cleans his own prison cell, I hope.

Detroit deserves much better as the automobile capitol of the country. Yes I know that is debatable at the moment as well. Kwame Kilpatrick did not create all of the corruption that has taken place in Detroit, but he sure did contribute to it in his own way by trying to unduly influence people to do his will.

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Limbaugh jester or real fool

A court jester is laughed at when he bellows or screams foul, for surely he sits at the court only to entertain the current king. Rush Limbaugh, is no longer at the court of his King, for George Bush is gone. While George Bush was never really a king, and Rush Limbaugh never an appointed or elected official in the United States, they both behaved as though they were just that. They played the game well. Rush Limbaugh played his hand so well, he and the general public in America have come to believe that he is a jester. A jester is a kings fool is known to utter wild musings that have no basis in fact or semblance of truth because they never belonged to a region or had loyalties in one estate or church which was a requirement to belong. The fool never had a fixed place in the kingdom of England like a hierarchy, knave or knight.

King James of England employed a jester named Archibald Armstrong who was thrown out of court because he “over reached himself, and insulted too many influential people. Rush Limbaugh takes to himself the practice to mock politicians and revile with political satire the general public. He has also gone too far, and taken himself far too seriously. In my opinion his real name should be divide and conquer, except all he has done is divide. Maybe his real name should just be “divided” because he surely divided the general public,screamed, and yelled his political party almost into oblivionville. Rush Limbaugh has conquered no one. He has only brought shame to this country by his self appointed egotistical tainting of the truth and twisted reasoning in his radio programs. I don’t understand how he can sleep at night. It is truly a wonder he hasn’t had a stroke right in the middle of his program because of his outrageous loud mouth half truth shenanigans.

The real truth in any argument or loud discussion is that “the person who shouts the loudest is wrong” because they lack the common sense or intelligence to explain themselves and their thoughts in a logical forthright and truthful manner. In other words they have lost control of themselves and can’t explain their thoughts clearly so they resort to screaming and putting the other person down in order to put themselves up. That type of behavior is often called abusive. He is abusive to his listeners and the American public with his loud histrionics. Why is he on the radio airwaves? Beats me.

In my opinion he is a prime example of a male abuser. While on he air he is teaching men to abuse everyone they disagree with, or who disagrees with them. This man is dangerous to young impressionable men and women. Our country has enough abusers who abuse women violently and with their personal bullying attitudes. We do not need someone who abuses everyone while on the radiowaves.

Rush Limbaugh appears to be a fool in jesters clothing, claiming to be an entertainer. What is entertaining about abusing ones countrymen and equal rights? His party lost the election, he actually said he hopes Obama fails if he is bringing in socialism. You could say that getting mail in your mailbox everyday is socialism. You could say that everyone having a bus system in their town is a form of socialism.You culd also say that everyone having access to the internet is socialism. But what about those people who don’t have a $35,000.00 American made car? They need transportation, does that equal socialism? Well, if Obama fails so does the country. In essence what Rush Limbaugh said in my opinion is that he wants the country to fail if we have any forms of socialism.

Socialism isn’t all bad folks. Number one because we already have so much independence total socialism isn’t realistic in the first place. So there goes R.L., frothing off at the mouth and abusing the intelligence of the American public, which is what he does best.

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President-Elect Barack Obama’s Victory Train Ride

President-Elect Barack Obama’s Victory Train Ride

Robert Kennedy’s Quote “There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why… I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?” In the 60’s this was the thought of some of us even though we were not actively doing anything about it, we applauded those who were. 
Barack Obama acted on this throughout during his lifetime of searching for who he is. This quote is extremely important today as Senator Barack Obama President-Elect of the United States takes his train ride to the Capitol for his inauguration. Today Robert Kennedy’s quote is more revelent than most other days.

Barack Obama also said in one of his campaign stops, “I will never forget that the only reason I’m standing here today is because somebody, somewhere stood up for me when it was risky. Stood up when it was hard. Stood up when it wasn’t popular. And because that somebody stood up, a few more stood up. And then a few thousand stood up. And then a few million stood up. And standing up, with courage and clear purpose, they somehow managed to change the world.”

This is the change he has been talking about since he started his campaign. As he rides the rocking rails of his Victory Trainaccompanied by his wife and children, surely the difference in the past five years alone is a real part of what he wants to change. The times have changed since we had children in the White House. Times have changed since Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and that now his thoughts come to fruition as we have a black/white man as our president. that is a part of what Dr. Martin Luther Kings dream was all about, quote “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity. and of course “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” 

Many people have told me that the press needs to be careful about putting Obama on a pedestal. I agree whole-heartedly with that. But let us make sure we all give him the chance to help all of us out of our negativity in the first place. Nothing is ever perfect, only Crystal glass, or car engines that run well. none of us humans are perfect, we all need to remember that, not even ourselves. But we all need to be more positive about what we are doing and be willing to move forward and change things if we can for the betterment of all. Yes We Can is what Obama has said.We must all give in to a more positive outlook on the future and do what we can to make it so as individuals, which will help all of us in the long run. We need to work together all day and every day to make everyday a better place to be for us all.

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Open Letter to President Elect Barack Obama


One unusable home

One unusable home

Our government has earmarked billions of dollars in funds to aid disaster victims in New Orleans and Galveston, to rebuild the cites and enhance the coastlines. Why can’t we round up people who are technically intelligent who are out of work, underemployed and offer to ship them to those areas to help the Army Corp of Engineers to rebuild the areas. Call it a 911 Enviro Corps. Pay the workers, get the property owners in New Orleans and the city program to rent renovated homes, or provide an incentive to the home owners to rent cheap to

People still living in trailers in front of their homes that are being repaired.

People still living in trailers in front of their homes that are being repaired.

 people working on their levees, etc. 



According to a report from the Associated Press published on today 11-18-2008: BATON ROUGE — More than one-third of the $13.4 billion in federal block grant aid given to Louisiana after hurricanes Katrina and Rita remains unspent, according to information provided Tuesday to the state’s hurricane recovery panel.

Though the money all has been earmarked to specific recovery programs, about $5 billion hasn’t been used three years after the storms, Paul Rainwater, the governor’s hurricane recovery chief, told the Louisiana Recovery Authority board.

Also see:

Restoring the wetlands:

The Army corp of Engineers has embarked on a broader study of how to restore wetlands and land features lost to erosion caused by ships and barges using the MR-GO and by construction of the ill-fated shipping channel itself. That study was authorized by the 2007 Water Resources Development Act, but Congress must still approve and appropriate money for any projects it recommends.

The 2007 water act also ordered deauthorization of the MR-GO as a navigation channel. A $24.7 million rock dike is to be built across the channel at Bayou la Loutre in St. Bernard Parish by June 1, 2009.

The corps already has spent about $5 million of the $75 million appropriated by Congress in 2005 for a small wetlands-restoration project and some armoring along the MR-GO.

Why not authorize the Army Corp of Engineers to work shifts and bring in more workers to speed up the process. If we can’t get those major problems solved now, then we more than likely will have another major hurricane problem in the coming year which will create even more destruction.

To solve a portion of this projected problem these items could fulfill immediate needs: 

more workers

more homes to rent

more job opportunities

More time spent on the problems of many of the ills of the city will be solved. The city has a home program to use underutilized properties. As you know unemployment or under employment is one of societies major disasters in terms of too much time on idle hands. 

Yes, the Army Corp of Engineers will have to train many of these people, but that would be a boon to everyone. A separate training program would help certify people to do this type of work and our people will be much better prepared to tackle hurricanes which are supposed to be more prevalent in the future at our coastlines.

The cities of New Orleans and Galveston need to have the funds released as soon as possible to rebuild with better building codes and more preemptive measures to address safety issues. One measure to ensure that each city will have the proper attention it deserves would be one central director who would handle each city because of its uniqueness. A person who has experience in natural environmental issues who has disaster recovery experience would do fine. How about former President Jimmy Carter to fulfill that tall order?

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Thank you for your votes

As of 11:00p.m. senator Barack Obama has been declared President Elect of the USA

“Yes We Can” is President Elect Barack Obamas’ message to the country and the world. Pledging a new day and new hope, but not forgetting the past. As he brought his family on-stage, he kissed his little girls and his wife. When they left the stage he began his acceptance message.

To paraphrase his message:

Tonight is the answer to our democracy, this time our voices can be different. We will always be the United States of America. This is our defining moment as change has come to America. To all of you out there, this is your moment, this is your victory. I promise you as a people we will get there, there will be some setbacks and missteps, but I will always be honest with you. This victory tonight is not the end of it, it is the beginning of more patriotism. A new dawn of American leadership is here and an enduring power of our ideals will guide us, because yes, we can.

After President Elect Barack Obamas’ speech the new Vice President Elect Joseph Bidn came onstage and joined him. Later both families came on stage and joined the two men, showing themselves for the crowd and cameras.

President Elect Barack Obama is a powerful and inspiring speaker who covers all the bases and works hard at joining people together. Saying to those who have not supported him “I want to be your president also, I need your help, we need to work together because yes we can.”

Senator John McCain gave a gracious concession speech. Thanking all those who have supported him including his family and campaign workers. “Running this campaign has been its own reward, and my greatest accomplishment, thank you for coming with me.

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