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  1. Diane Knaus has worked as a freelance photojournalist since 1985. Her work has spanned many fields, from alternative health, to women’s rights and equality for all. She believes in equality of the spirit, as Jesus tended to the multitudes, to sick people and women of the night. He tossed tables aside in the temples because he felt that the moneychangers were cheating people. He was a true rebel after my heart, I believe that everyone has rights, and that everyone deserves respect as an individual, at least people who do not harm or take advantage of one another.
    Diane Knaus

  2. Accountability of Our Leaders 5-23-2008

    In my opinion accountability should be the main ingredient of a recipe for competent leaders. If they will not be held accountable then they should be out of office, with no pension, no benefits. Should American politicians be held accountable? Yes! There is no reason why they should not be. The citizens of America demand it, because they are held accountable each day for their skills in parenting, and in their marriages, and on the job.

    As parents we hold our children accountable for the things that they do ad don’t do. Most parents here do not like it when their children talk back to them, tell lies or otherwise disrespect them. They get into real hot water when they don’t do their house chores, or when caught in a lie. No I am not talking about waterbording either.

    When you hold someone accountable, that balances the power of a relationship. Unfortunately, American leaders have not been accountable for their actions in the past eight years. In the past few months we have had power gone awry when 450 children were taken away from their parents amidst a built up hysteria of an unsubstantiated cry of abuse. Some of that may have been true, but trying to prove it will be hard as the situation has been so convoluted when children were separated from parents. and siblings.

    Then we have our leaders like Karl Rove, a former political operative of President George Bush, and Harriet Miers former White House counsel neither one of which can be held to testify because George Bush has not approved them to do so. President Bush cites executive privilege in both instances. The end result for Ms. Miers was a citation of contempt, while Mr. Rove has to appear before the subpoena ends on July 10, 2008.

    These people must be held accountable, just like George Bush must be held accountable to the people who elected him to the highest office of the United State and as a world leader in the first place.

    The American people should not tolerate a dictator in office, nor others who would subvert the freedoms and current laws of America. We have a right to a job by qualifications of our prior work and education,we have religious freedom, we have marriage laws that are on the books which gives us choices, our children and their mothers have a right to be free of personal or sexual abuse. Women have a right to fair compensation for fair work. We must demand accountability in America and keep on demanding it. The laws we have and our constitution must be upheld by all those in political office period.

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