Donald Trump not Working With a Full Deck/ No Heart/ No Honesty

Honest to goodness he and his administration gets worse everyday. Each day there is something new that he doesn’t want to admit to, or has forgotten that he said something nasty about someone. Then he turns around and fire’s “Comey” who has been one of the best guys we have had, and now possibly “Bob Mueller” who was a previous FBI director.

The biggest problem now is that he can’t fire Mueller unless he also fires Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein was supposed to be one of the good guys that Trump hired in the first place. He already fired acting Attorney General, Sally Q. Yates, after learning that she had downloaded a copy of the United States Constitution to her computer.

That is according to Steve Bannon who seized her computer. According to the New Yorker magazine ” the Trump Administration’s code of ethics, established by Steve Bannon, a counsellor to the President, “possessing, reading, or referring to the United States Constitution” is a violation that is punishable by termination. So Trump and Bannon are using “tight fisted dictatorship rulings” to make sure no one can look up the laws of our own country on their computers while they are doing their jobs!

But Mueller was FBI director since 2001 when George Bush chose him for the position. He has supposedly done a good job since then. The public has had no words of bad policies, or read bad press about him.

So, that means that Donald Trump is whistling at the wind again. He behaves like a spoiled child and expects us all to put up with his childish antics, and dictatorship types of actions. He’s not working with a full deck of cards by not being forthcoming, He’s not working with any heart whatsoever. He’s not working with any honesty by our own Constitution. Rather he’s banning our employees from using the Constitution at all and firing them when they do. I am not sure , but I believe that that is illegal in the United States of America.

Political leaders in Maryland and DC have had enough of his shady deals that continue to show up. They are actively suing him and the lawsuit charges that “President Trump’s continued ownership interest in a global business empire, which renders him deeply enmeshed with a legion of foreign and domestic government actors, violates the Constitution and calls into question the rule of law and the integrity of the country’s political system.”

Because of who the people are Attorney General Karl Racine and Maryland Attorney General Brian Froshand who and what they represent the suit is more than possible of being heard in court. Their say is that Trump is hurting other American business by sending international travelers to his hotels and costing us companies money that should rightly be theirs.


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