Eight Million Americans can’t be all wrong!

To Paraphrase the Presidents message on television, eight million Americans can’t all be wrong about our healthcare plans. Eight million Americans signed up, 35 % are under the age of 35, healthcare spending has slowed more than anytime in last 20 years, medicare costs for their life extended ten years and have 50% less spending. Congressional Budget Office says costs will be cheaper and cost less than 100 billion dollars with no denial of coverage. I know the new laws won’t solve all the problems, but it has saved and increase the deficit. Affordable care is working and Republicans were all wrong because it is working and they had no alternative plans.

Our affordable care act is working and congress should not spend any more time debating something that is working.

Many things are possible, but the Republicans need to adjust their attitudes. We need to figure out how to make this work in the best way possible. This process is not about me, it’s about people who would much rather see us talk about jobs and how to fix the infrastructure and boost incomes and their bottom line.

We have 5 million people who could have health care except for their state not wanting to help, that’s political and it doesn’t have to be that way.

For the last five years we have been helping families and we think that that should continue and I’m puzzled as to why the Republicans have made this their agenda and are still talking about it. We need to train more people to do more jobs. We need to move on and get on with working on the things that Americans think is important. We should be open to make the healthcare law better, because it is not making everyone happy.

What President Obama Has accomplished in the past year include:

He is our Superman Afterall

He is our Superman After all

GOP’ers said it couldn’t be done. HA! He did it, the president has brought a bonus for all of us at Christmas.

1. Gasoline is down to $2.22 cents a gallon in Maryland

2. New construction is up the highest in ten years

3. Unemployment is down to 6%

4. 12 Million jobs have been created

5. Obama care has not killed jobs

6. Obama care has pulled down the healthcare costs

7. Higher wages will give people more money to spend

8. We now have a climate deal with China

9. There is now an end to the Cuban embargo

10.There are imminent plans to work with Iran

11. He is working with International politicians to quell terrorists activities


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