Those Republican Men

I  just cannot fathom how women can stay married to Republican men. First off, most of the men don’t want women to have critical health care options. Secondly, they don’t want their women to vote because I guess they don’t think that their women are smart enough to have an individual thought. Remember the state of Florida and the voting fraud tricks that they pulled in the last national election? Then they de listed all people with the name say.. John Anderson, and Anderson John. That took thousands of real peoples names off of the voter registration records.

Republicans continually push legislation and rhetoric that alienates entire groups of people. The republican leaders are no better than street thugs who are used to getting their own way by force, twisting arms and threats. Look at what they have tried to do with president Obama. They have been at him like a pack of dogs in a street fight since he came into office. That is right I am going to call a spade a spade no mater who is in on the action. President Obama is trying to level the playing field for all women. Why, because he loves his wife and his little girls.

Republican men are also forgetting their own little girls. Do these guys really want to make their daughters not to be able to get an abortion if she is raped, or if her uncle or brother, cousin rapes her? Where is their common sense? And furthermore where are their wives? Why aren’t their wives becoming active and speaking out against them or are they too fearful?I really want to see how many republican men get divorced after this political year is over. Women don’t like to have their rights taken away, ever.

As I was doing my dinner dishes tonight, I was struck by the question what are all of the republican women doing about all of the bullying that is going on in their party? How can they just stand idly by watching what their husbands are doing to this country? I mean it is their country as well as ours. Why aren’t they protesting? They have families just like the rest of us in the United States. Can’t they see what their extended families are going through when their husbands keep cutting necessary programs for our less fortunate? Don’t these women have any common sense? Forget the men they have already proved their angry and boisterous bullying tactics in public enough and disgraced themselves and the rest of the politicians while doing so.

We need all of our women to stand up and be heard, all of the voices of those who want to go forward to a better country and opportunities for all of us.


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