President Obama Pledges to Help All Victims of This Weeks Tornadoes

Amidst rants about his being born in the U.S. A. the president steps out of the overshadowing rumors and acts like he is a president. He is the president of the U.S.A. no matter what anyone privately thinks. Today he steps up to the plate. he promises to go to Alabama tomorrow to see for himself the state most damaged by terribley strong tornadoes that lashed out at many states in the past week.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama was essentially wiped off of the map by a tornado, over 300 people have been killed by the storms and many more are missing. President Obama has directed the FEMA Director Craig Fugateto go to Alabama ahead and assess the damages.

Calling the loss of life “heartbreaking”, the president promised Federal Aid to the victims. “In a matter of hours these deadly tornadoes … took mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, friends and neighbors, even entire communities,” he said.

Governor Robert Bently is sending in the National guard to provide help.
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