Your Twisting Mammograms

According to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force they say that women age 40 to 49 don’t need to have routine mammograms anymore and that breast self-exams aren’t recommended in general. Tell that to women who have had the mammograms save their lives and the lives of other women in their families. Yes, we all need to know our bodies and we do to a certain extent. And, yes we watch what goes on in our families as well. We do know our risks in most scenarios to start with thank you very much doctor.

To not have to take those awful twisting flattening your breast exams will be a relief to many women. Trust me they hurt, and many practitioners twist the knob down harder to make sure your breast and nipple are in there tight. Been there done that one hope to never have do it again.

What we really need to remember is that many self exams have saved lives as have the mammograms. But the problems don’t just begin or lie there. We still don’t know what causes breast cancer and we still don’t have sure fire answers to curing it either. Women neeed to be vigilent about their health because there are too many things that can be overlooked, however, we musn’t become obsessed either. Families know their own health histories, we know about things like cigarettes that do cause cancer so we stay away from smoking. We do need some happiness in our lives and we are responsible for getting that as well. Don’t lose sight of the sunshine on a sunny day, or the blooming flowers in your gardens, or the growth of your children and grandchildren they all matter too just like we do. We all need sunshine and love to bloom as well as self care. And if we want to get a Mammogram we shoud be able to do that as well.


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