Kwame Kilpatrick Ex Mayor of Detroit at it Again

Because Ex Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick of Detroit made some kind of personal contact with Sheryl Robinson Wood, a court approved monitor to Kilpatrick she resigned Thursday, the Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News reported. Citing unproved conversations between the two about the ongoing case, she has resigned and the judge has accepted her resignation.

According to a report in, U.S. District Judge Julian Cook said Wood had “meetings of a personal nature” with Kilpatrick. He continued “Wood had engaged in conduct which was totally inconsistent with the terms and conditions of the two consent judgments in this litigation.”

So the notorious Kwame Kilpatrick is trying to influence police and officers of the court in his favor once again. It is beyond me that he thinks he can still get away with whatever he wants and not be further punished for his deeds.

The police department is now under federal investigation, and all monitoring is suspended until further notice. According to other reports, the city has not met more than 39% of the required consent decrees and has made “grossly inadequate” progress in correcting abuses against the police department as it now faces more scrutiny by the federal investigators.

Kwame Kilpatrick is a rat, he stinks up everything he touches. It is a good thing he is out of office. Now the city can begin to clean up its police department and let the city get their house in order while Kwame cleans his own prison cell, I hope.

Detroit deserves much better as the automobile capitol of the country. Yes I know that is debatable at the moment as well. Kwame Kilpatrick did not create all of the corruption that has taken place in Detroit, but he sure did contribute to it in his own way by trying to unduly influence people to do his will.


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