Limbaugh jester or real fool

A court jester is laughed at when he bellows or screams foul, for surely he sits at the court only to entertain the current king. Rush Limbaugh, is no longer at the court of his King, for George Bush is gone. While George Bush was never really a king, and Rush Limbaugh never an appointed or elected official in the United States, they both behaved as though they were just that. They played the game well. Rush Limbaugh played his hand so well, he and the general public in America have come to believe that he is a jester. A jester is a kings fool is known to utter wild musings that have no basis in fact or semblance of truth because they never belonged to a region or had loyalties in one estate or church which was a requirement to belong. The fool never had a fixed place in the kingdom of England like a hierarchy, knave or knight.

King James of England employed a jester named Archibald Armstrong who was thrown out of court because he “over reached himself, and insulted too many influential people. Rush Limbaugh takes to himself the practice to mock politicians and revile with political satire the general public. He has also gone too far, and taken himself far too seriously. In my opinion his real name should be divide and conquer, except all he has done is divide. Maybe his real name should just be “divided” because he surely divided the general public,screamed, and yelled his political party almost into oblivionville. Rush Limbaugh has conquered no one. He has only brought shame to this country by his self appointed egotistical tainting of the truth and twisted reasoning in his radio programs. I don’t understand how he can sleep at night. It is truly a wonder he hasn’t had a stroke right in the middle of his program because of his outrageous loud mouth half truth shenanigans.

The real truth in any argument or loud discussion is that “the person who shouts the loudest is wrong” because they lack the common sense or intelligence to explain themselves and their thoughts in a logical forthright and truthful manner. In other words they have lost control of themselves and can’t explain their thoughts clearly so they resort to screaming and putting the other person down in order to put themselves up. That type of behavior is often called abusive. He is abusive to his listeners and the American public with his loud histrionics. Why is he on the radio airwaves? Beats me.

In my opinion he is a prime example of a male abuser. While on he air he is teaching men to abuse everyone they disagree with, or who disagrees with them. This man is dangerous to young impressionable men and women. Our country has enough abusers who abuse women violently and with their personal bullying attitudes. We do not need someone who abuses everyone while on the radiowaves.

Rush Limbaugh appears to be a fool in jesters clothing, claiming to be an entertainer. What is entertaining about abusing ones countrymen and equal rights? His party lost the election, he actually said he hopes Obama fails if he is bringing in socialism. You could say that getting mail in your mailbox everyday is socialism. You could say that everyone having a bus system in their town is a form of socialism.You culd also say that everyone having access to the internet is socialism. But what about those people who don’t have a $35,000.00 American made car? They need transportation, does that equal socialism? Well, if Obama fails so does the country. In essence what Rush Limbaugh said in my opinion is that he wants the country to fail if we have any forms of socialism.

Socialism isn’t all bad folks. Number one because we already have so much independence total socialism isn’t realistic in the first place. So there goes R.L., frothing off at the mouth and abusing the intelligence of the American public, which is what he does best.


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