Thank you for your votes

As of 11:00p.m. senator Barack Obama has been declared President Elect of the USA

“Yes We Can” is President Elect Barack Obamas’ message to the country and the world. Pledging a new day and new hope, but not forgetting the past. As he brought his family on-stage, he kissed his little girls and his wife. When they left the stage he began his acceptance message.

To paraphrase his message:

Tonight is the answer to our democracy, this time our voices can be different. We will always be the United States of America. This is our defining moment as change has come to America. To all of you out there, this is your moment, this is your victory. I promise you as a people we will get there, there will be some setbacks and missteps, but I will always be honest with you. This victory tonight is not the end of it, it is the beginning of more patriotism. A new dawn of American leadership is here and an enduring power of our ideals will guide us, because yes, we can.

After President Elect Barack Obamas’ speech the new Vice President Elect Joseph Bidn came onstage and joined him. Later both families came on stage and joined the two men, showing themselves for the crowd and cameras.

President Elect Barack Obama is a powerful and inspiring speaker who covers all the bases and works hard at joining people together. Saying to those who have not supported him “I want to be your president also, I need your help, we need to work together because yes we can.”

Senator John McCain gave a gracious concession speech. Thanking all those who have supported him including his family and campaign workers. “Running this campaign has been its own reward, and my greatest accomplishment, thank you for coming with me.


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