Okay – Senator Hillary Clinton Supporters 6-10-2008

Just because she lost the nomination doesn’t mean you should jump ship and go over to Mc Cain’s side. If you do that then you have defeated what you wanted to work for in the first place. I mean that is like you saying to your mother, well if you won’t let me do something then I’ll go and ask dad, he will let me do what I want to do! Or if you are dealing with a retail store operator telling the receptionist that you are too tired to wait on the phone, I’ll just go down the street and shop at XYZ store. How immature is that? You know what, that is always an option for customers, they can go down the street and shop elsewhere. But, that response is still immature. If there is something of value that you want, but one store is out of it, that is another matter, but to threaten the receptionist to go to another store, come on, grow up. Stores are busy places, you cannot reasonably expect to get the person on the phone exactly when you call them, because they are helping customers who are in front of them.

However, I submit to you this is very different and much more serious situation. We are talking about Senator John Mc Cain who is known as a hot head. He is known for his support for President George Bush. Look at his record to see where he really works best. If you don’t want to go to look up his votes in the Senate, then check out Time magazine online, or Newsweek. They all have their facts checked by their reporters. 

If you are truly an independent American, then do your homework. This is the most important election we have ever had, this is not the time to be sloppy in your research. This may be your MBA or PhD exam that you never went for, and it will effect your life and many others for a very long time. Don’t be lazy about this it is too important and it is your responsibility as a free citizen who livesin the U.S.A. and enjoy the freedoms that we have.


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