President Bush A Real Easy Target 11-1-2007

Headlines today say ‘We are at war’! Truly? Okay, where has he been for the past five years? I mean come on man, get with it, the program says we have really been at war the entire time we have been in Iraq! AGGHH! This is truly the case of the tail wagging the dog. Maybe the Halloween witch finally got to him last night, maybe rolled him in the hay a few times and sprayed him with a magic spell witch oh pardon me for the pun it was all too easy, that he found reality today!

Pardon my sarcasm today folks, sometimes it is so much fun. If it were not for the severity of the situation I would laugh out loud. Truly I wish we were not at war, truly I wish it would end soon. Truly I wish Iraq would govern their own mess, and I would also wish that all parties who are on the financial take there would be severely punished no matter how high the inquiry goes.

It is a true shame that the International Criminal court can’t go in there and just arrest all sordid parties for their greed and intolerance to humanity. That life could be so simple would be blessed for us all. We could go into Darfur and clean that mess up as well. In my opinion that genocide is such a total screw up it may take three lifetimes to even see some semblance of humanity.

While we in the U.S. deal with domestic violence in our homes on a daily basis, our balance of power is nothing compared to those women and young girls in Iraq and Darfur. To the powers that can help stop the violence against humanity, do it, today please, not tomorrow. George Bush just woke up. We need to do it today, because he will change a law tomorrow allowing more male domination in an already egotistically unbalanced world. His laws only affect the U.S. thank goodness.
Long live the freedom of the US as we wae our flags proudly.


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