The Brtish Royals Watch Their P’s and Q’s


Looks like the British Royals are changing their shoes this time around with grandson William’s current love interest. Maybe they don’t want to make the same mistakes their footsteps caused them so much bad press with Prince Charles and Princess Diana. With the exception of the castle inhabitants interference with Catherine’s’ desire to be on a rowing team, the royals are being decent to Catherine. Citing safety issues Catherine has dropped out of the charity race just a short two weeks before the race.

Too bad, what a disappointment for her and the rest of the team. Even though British paparazzi are notorious for their interference in the royals lives, they should not really interfere in her activities, especially since Diana’s death. Lawyers for Catherine Middleton and Prince Charles have sent warning letters to editors in the realm about their photographers antics along with video footage of their activities.

Grandmum Queen Elizabeth has invited Catherine to holiday dinners this year at the palace. This should be a match to watch between the royals and Prince William. You have to remember that Prince Charles divorced Diana to eventually marry Camilla Bowles, his first real love.


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