Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Research 6-7-2007

To “benefit all mankind” is one way to explain the current stem cell research projects. The time is now for President George Bush to really please the majority of the American public , 62% of whom support tstem cell research. If he is truly concerned about what his historic legacy will be, this is the major bill that can make it better. Life and death decisions, disorders and disease can be much easier to live with if there are new treatments or preventive measures to help mankind when found by doing stem cell research.

Generally speaking, yes, I know that generally speaking is dangerous, however, George Bush tends to lean to the right politically. That means he allows religious and political extremism to influence his thought and enactment of laws for the US rather than medical and scientific reason. You can hear that when he speaks about the earth warming trends as well, although to be fair it looks as if he is changing his mind. You can read about it when researching family health concerns in his health department press releases because he has instructed his people to change the outcomes of findings according to his beliefs. That has been proven folks. This is not an exageration.

Stem cell research can definitely change the health of mankid. Bill Gates foundation has taken it upon themselves to help disseminate information and vaccines with their Global Health initiative actions to help third world families lead healthier lives. Imagine what stem cell research can do to save even more lives.


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