Nicole Brown Simpsons Death and Barclay Road Books

Politics in publishing the violent deaths of women, we see it everyday on television. Then another woman is raped and beaten to death, then another woman is  set on fire and killed by a jealous husband.The list goes on and on and on.  If television shows were cancelled because there was too much violence against women in them, the networks would have to drastically change their tv prime time shows.

This was sent to after publisher Herbert Becker said He would publish the fictional account of Nicole Brown Simpsons’ death.

Good Afternoon,

I have just read of Mr. Herbert Beckers’ quote that he would publish the OJ book if he could. Ohhh boy are you guys gonna catch hell. And let me be the first one to say, you have lost your minds to even think about publishing an account of Nicole s death. I mean come on, is it only the money you guys are after. His quote was that it would be “an entertaining read”. Oh so now it is entertaining to read about how a woman was  gruesomly stabbed to death.

What you guys never seem to really get, like in “Get it” is the fact that a woman’s death is never entertaining, not even if it is violent is it ever, even remotely, entertaining.

Maybe Mr. Becker was one of those kids who never got caught killing animals. Maybe that is how he rose to the top in publishing with a killer instinct. I do not know Mr. Becker, nor do I even remotely want to. But, I am surprised to know that a person a the top of Lifetime publications is so callous. Well now we know his dirty little secret, he likes to make money off of women being killed.

I don’t care if Nicoles’ parents are going to get the monies from the sales, or even if the monies are split with all of the abused women shelters in the state where she was killed. It is still the same thing making money because a person got violently killed. Have you no shame! Make a buck where you can huh! Well, let me tell you I am going to put this on my blog immediately after I write it and we will see how fast it gets published elsewhere.

In my opinion, I think you guys have lost what ever percent of decency you were ever born with.

What I want to know about is, what happened to the dog that was with Nicole when she was attacked? The dog surely would recognize who attacked her. Who has the dog now, and if he sees OJ what is the dogs reaction when OJ comes around. Was the dog put to sleep?

Just a few questions for your sense of integrity, if there is any at all left of it !


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