Scooter Libby

Scooter Libby former White House Aide has been convicted on 4 out of the five charges in the CIA leak case in U.S. District Court. The short story is that the jury didn’t believe him that he couldn’t remember the details. He and his lawyer will probably appeal the case. However, even the judge said that he had made a wrong ruling during some part of the trial. The reality is that Scooter Libby may eventually get real jail time. How much jail time can vary, as he is guilty of obstruction of justice. The eventual severity is foggy, even though he was a formal official of the US government. I guess it depends on how much integrity the final jusdge has and how far he or she is willing to go to make things right to the American public.

Scooter Libby can’t blame technology for this one, because it all boils down to him and what he said to other people. What is most important to other politicians should be that they need to remember conversations, or tape them to back themselves up.

What Apple iPod should make is a way to tape conversations between people. That way people cannot deny what they say. Of course there is the problem of big brother getting too much into peoples private lives. Wonder is they could change that to make it legal to tape conversations in the working place. I mean employers now can look into private emails when you do that on company time.

Martha Stewart only got six months in jail for her part in lying about her business stock information and sales.


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