Cable VS Digital

You say you want to switch from your cable company because the rates are too high for your programming, and not only that, but, the digital broadband company has a triple play deal! Welcome to reality of commerce. A hundred bucks a month for internet, tv, and your phone with free local calls anywhere in the U.S., such a deal. It really is a deal these days, because your phone used to cost you $60.00 monthly or more, the tv cable $60.00 or more and the internet $25.00 a month which totals $145.00. They also do not have to dig up your yard to install cable wires. Good deal, You are now saving $45.00 per month, which equals $783.00 a year. That is enough to go away for a good weekend somewhere where it is warm, in January or February. Next year that savings might even be enough to get one of those fancy flat screen tvs that you can hang on a wall. Remember, put the savings away for something else that next year will save you even more money. Or you could even use the money now toward a laptop computer, which you can use to get more work done, and make more money$$$$. Ah capitalism!

 Remember when you were younger and Ma Bell used to charge  hundreds of dollars to your parents when you would ring up hundreds of dollars in long distance calls to your new romance partner. Those special hours on the phone which would erupt in giggles and sometimes tears you would eventually have to pay for in one way or another may or may not have been worth the trouble in retrospect.

Your mothers face got all red and she almost cussed you out when she saw the bill. Well in my house, I had to get a part time job to pay it off. If my dad had seen the bill, my bottom would have been real red, with handprints decorating it, and hot at the same time. I spent some time staying to myself when Dad was home before I paid the bill off.


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