Ah Technology and People Power

Screech, swoosh, and fly on by the toll taker, but, don’t forget to pay the toll. Although these days states are trying to make money by sending you violations that are not accurate, they say oh yes you went in this lane on that day, at this time. Well, maybe you better check with whoever else was riding with you. Do you know that a photograph is taken of each vehicle that goes through a toll booth?

Your feet are also going to go screech, and swoosh when you get the violation bill, in fact you might want to sit down in a chair before you open the envelope. The envelope please! Oh just $2.50 toll, that isn’t bad, but check out the whopping fine of $15.00 as a violation fee. You could end up owing the state of Maryland hundreds of dollars just because of their EZ Pass technology which isn’t working correctly.

Ah oh yes, you have turned in the ID strip that you bought when you first signed up for the pass. Yet, you are still getting violation notices, and yes, you are paying cash when you go through a booth. AGRRHHH!!

So what do you do? Mail a well written letter to your governor who has been newly elected to void and null all violations because the technology just isn’t working. That might work if the rest of the people who are having problems also decide to take action.

Technology isn’t working the way it is supposed to, because people are getting fined when they should not be. Ah technology, now we really need people power to take the techies to task to fix the buggies. I say march on but, send letters to the Governor, and the press, yes they will get published.

Have a great day!


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