Mark Driscoll a Mars Hill (Washington State) pastor, is prompting women quit their jobs and become housewives again. However, he is getting real and down to the nitty gritty which some preachers won’t even think about doing. He realizes that because of the many problems society places on the larger numbers of low wage workers, they are getting zapped in the paycheck and in the benefits packages, jobs are still going overseas, and they are feeling helpless.

This pastor talks about Snoop Dogg and his lyrics, he applies it to his congregations daily lives. So what else does he do, well for one he goes back to the basics of discipline and hell hath no fury type of sermons. He espouses working together, helping each other build fences, share babysitting duties, etc.

Another guy professing women should just have babies in the news recently Warren Jeffs, who is on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list was arrested for his sexual assault on a minor. He has been a leader of the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints church and he arranges marriages for rich men to 16 year old girls. In a televised report last week, the women are often left to apply for welfare while the men go out and make money which the women don’t have access to. Why, because they give a major portion of it back to the church of the LDS.

There are other fronts where women’s equality is at risk. Thomas S. Monaghan wants to build a town in Florida, where there are no abortion services, birth control, or pornography. It has been reported that he is willing to spend $250 million dollars to get his town built.

So women are still being asked to sacrifice, again an again because of what men think are their inalienable rights. The one thing to remember is that women don’t have to move to Monaghans city, they also don’t have to quit their jobs, and some young women in Utah can escape the Mormons practices of multiple wives, by taking an escape when they can. Mind you it isn’t always easy, it is sometimes downright dangerous. We women need to help each other build fences to protect us from predators.
Diane Knaus


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