Political Leaders

The United Nations has a new President of the General Assembly, her name is Sheikha Haya, and she has been described as Bahrain’s First Lady diplomat. Sheikha Haya is not new to the United Nations. She has worked as a lawyer and focused on diplomacy and international arbitration for over thirty years.

Women are finally being recognized for their works. This spring, the International Olympics finally recognized women for their participation in sports by having notable internationally recognized women lead the parade into the Olympic stadium.

The Olympic Games are the pinnacle of achievement in athletics for those participating. It is also the top of international communities playing and learning together as people sharing the earth together without prejudices and enjoying each other. This year women have highlighted the opening ceremony by their upfront participation. Multiple Olympic medalist Stefania Belmondo ignited the Olympic Cauldron by putting the flame into the apparatus. Celebrating women from across the globe started with the first time ever women held the Olympic flag while coming into the Olympic stadium in Torino, Italy 2006. The noted women from around the globe are: Italian actress Sophia Loren, U.S. actress and activist Susan Sarandon, Wangari Maathai Nobel Peace Prize winner and notable Kenyan environmentalist, Isabelle Alllende a Chilean author, Maria Mutola, the first person to win a gold medal from Mozambique, Somaly Mam, fighter for women’s rights from Cambodia, Nawal El Moutawakel, the first Muslim woman to win an Olympic gold medal,and Italian Olympian Manuela DiCenta.

Canadian hockey athlete Danielle Goyette (member of the Canadian National Women’s team since 1991) carried the Canadian flag into the arena for Canada. She won an Olympic Gold Medal with Canada in 2002 and a silver in 1998. Five – time Olympic speed skater Chris Witty carried the US Flag, she also has the distinction of being a three -time Olympic medalist. She has qualified for more Olympic Games than anyone else in the American delegation.

“The first woman to open the Olympic games was Princess Ragnhild in 1952. She was representing King Haakon ad Crown Prince Olav, who were attending the funeral of King George VI of England who had suddenly died.
Other notable women in the headlines this year have included the new Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, she was graduated from Harvard University, then she went back home to spread the intellectual information which she had learned. She has also held positions with the major banks including the United Nations Bank, and the World Bank.”

Condolezza Rice and First Lady Laura Bush attended the inauguration of Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. When Mrs. Bush suggested that Ms. Rice might be a viable candidate for the US Presidency, Ms. Rice denied her interest.

Enough said about US politics today.


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